We make your plans happen

J Allround Agency

Are you hosting a business meeting, such as a conference or symposium, shortly? There are many aspects to consider when organising an event like that, such as transport, food and possibly overnight accommodation. How can you be certain that everything is arranged perfectly for your guests? Don’t worry – just call J Allround Agency! Simply tell us what you want and we will make sure you get the best solution.

J Allround Agency, founded in 2016, offers intermediary services for businesses. You can hire J Allround Agency for a varied range of events – short or long-running – leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Business meetings

We’ll arrange the perfect venue for your business meeting – straightforward meetings, conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops and trade fairs are no problem for us. Needless to say, we take venue accessibility and anything else you might want into account.



If your event spans several days or if your guests need to travel any distance, overnight accommodation will make their stay more pleasant. J Allround Agency looks for the best solution for you, making sure it meets all your needs, including accommodation abroad.


It’s important to convey your guests comfortably from A to B. Wherever you are or want to be, J Allround Agency can arrange the right carrier for you, including shuttles to and from airports, etc.


Do you have an appointment abroad? Once again, you can rely on J Allround Agency for help. We’ll arrange your transport to the airport, your airline tickets, your hotels and excursions.

We make your plans happen

The advantages

It saves time

Tell us what you want and J Allround Agency will look for the perfect solution for you, saving you lots of time!


J Allround Agency visits all our partners, so we can always guarantee good quality accommodation and services. You can rely on us to deliver the best solution for you.


Short lines of communication

We appoint one contact who handles all the different aspects of the organisation. Because the lines of communication are short, you always know what to expect.

No stress

Tell us what you want and J Allround Agency will arrange everything for you, leaving you stress-free when you host a business meeting or travel abroad.


 J Allround Agency can arrange attractive deals with hotels and restaurants.


J Allround Agency acts as an agent, which means that payments to external parties, such as hotels and restaurants, are handled by your company – this creates transparency!



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